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Relationships. Knowledge. Development.

Wireless is such a fast moving technology. Wireless LAN’s can quickly become a “black hole” of soaring expenses, security expenses, security leaks, and poor quality of service. WiTS knows that proper planning and administrative controls are crucial to controlling budgets and deadlines. It is important to choose an experienced WLAN consultant who is knowledgeable and impartial to the hardware or software vendors.

If you are looking for new Wireless LAN solutions, you should look no further than Wireless Training & Solutions. WiTS Consulting Services has the expertise and experience to help you make the right choice and deliver the right solution. The management of your wireless capabilities revolves around making many important and time sensitive decisions.

Some examples are:

  • What are your wireless goals?
  • What special wireless needs does your organization have?
  • How do you know which vendors will do the best job?

WiTS can help you answer these questions by giving you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your wireless needs.

WiTS Consulting is a full-service WLAN consulting firm specializing in ALL sectors of your business in which wireless is a critical component.

WiTS provides experienced and professional WLAN consulting services to SMB and enterprise-class businesses, as well as government agencies, including major Wi-Fi Industry companies.

WiTS Services Include:

  • WLAN Vendor & Product Consulting
  • WLAN Courseware Development
  • WLAN Marketing Content Development
  • WLAN Vendor Introductions and Partnerships
  • Wireless LAN Marketing and Presentation Creation
  • Vendor and Product Consulting
  • Wi-Fi Site Surveying (RF spectrum analysis, site surveying, and reporting)
  • Problem Analysis and Resolution
  • Wireless LAN Security Policy Design and Training

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