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AM-101 WiFi Foundations Training course

Duration: 2-days In-Class, LIVE Remote Access or On-Site at Customer Location

Course Level:  Introductory

Overview:  The AM-101 WiFi Foundations whether in LIVE REMOTE access format or In-Class, this course is designed for anyone who is interested in discovering the basic foundations of WiFi. Students will learn the necessary principles to give a deeper understanding of WLANs, so the student can continue on with the more intensive and thorough courses. This course will teach you operations, security principles, and troubleshooting procedures through class discussions, interactive labs and comprehensive proficiency assessments. This is a preparation course for the Professional level AirMagnet Academy Training courses.

Who is the course for? This WiFi Foundations training class is designed for network administrators, systems engineers, and IT personnel who work with WLAN’s. Managers and administrators who outsource these services will also benefit by learning the core fundamentals of how WiFi works. Consultants and system integrators who are tasked to perform site surveys and investigate wireless network issues.

What topics this course covers?

  • Signals and transmissions
  • The important functions of Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Security
  • Different types of antennas
  • Wireless standardizations
  • Amendments
  • Signals and transmissions
  • Channels and bandwidths
  • Interference
  • Spectrum analysis
  • WLAN mobility
  • QoS
  • Specifications

Prerequisites:  None.