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Refund Policy

Below you will find our current payment, billing, and refund policy.  Please read it carefully as this is our current official policy. The policy listed below supersedes any other written document you may have received prior to today’s date.  If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wirelesstrainingsolutions.com

Current Payment & Billing Policy

Effective immediately, the following payment policy MUST be adhered to.  UNDERSTAND AND ADHERE TO THIS POLICY except by other written arrangements approved Wireless Training & Solutions and the client.  Any payment made without regard to this payment policy will be charged a service charge.  Late charges apply (see below).

Our general policy is to collect payment on the date of registration for training services.

For professional or consulting services there will be a 50% deposit due on the first day at the start of each project.  Once the professional or consulting service product is complete, the client will have 30 days to pay all remaining invoices and charges. These terms are hereby defined, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing between vLogic Inc., dba Wireless Training & Solutions and the client.

LATE CHARGES: ALL payments such as invoices, travel expenses, service charges, mileage charges, and other fees MUST BE RECEIVED BY Wireless Training & Solutions, within 30 business days of the date of service or product delivery. Late fees in the amount of 10% will be charged for every business week your payment is not paid in full.

If you have questions or concerns, or you feel that you have been charged incorrectly, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so that we can work together to find a solution.

We prefer to work payment issues out in a positive way and we try not to resort to sending payments to collections or small-claims, unless we have no other recourse.

The policies below apply to ALL Wireless Training & Solutions Training programs:

Cancellation/Rescheduling by participant:

Students will receive a full 100% refund only if Wireless Training & Solutions receives a notice of cancellation more than 21 full calendar days (not including the class start date) before the class start date.

Students may only reschedule a class to a later date if, Wireless Training & Solutions receives a notice of reschedule, more than 21 full calendar days (not including the class/exam start date) before the class start date.  Reschedules must adhere to the reschedule policy.

If a student does not attend a scheduled session, there will be no refund or reschedule given. Payment will be forfeited. Student substitutions are allowed, but we must be notified via email to customercare@wirelesstrainingsolutions.com no less than 21 full business days before the start of the class (not including the class start date) for classroom deliveries.  These terms apply to onsite and/or Virtual Classroom deliveries.