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OJT Training

WiTS-211 On-the-Job Training focuses on the acquisition of wireless survey skills in your own environment.  Our engineers begin by coaching key WLAN concepts & then shadow as the students use those concepts to analyze their own wireless network.  We help guide you through an actual site survey at your location.  Our instructor’s real world experience helps demonstrate additional WLAN concepts.  After this engagement, the students will produce a final survey & detailed report of the surveyed facility.

WiTS OJT ensures your team has the knowledge & skills to survey, plan, design, & monitor your WLAN network.  We design our training with feedback from the software developers, field engineers, trainers, & our customers to ensure your team gets the best knowledge transference possible.  We continuously review & update our trainings to maintain the highest standards.

Maximum class size 6
The facility to be analyzed must be less than 75,000 sq. ft.
All floor-plans must be reviewed during the project kick-off call (minimum 1 week) prior to OJT