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AME Installation

Unparalleled Protection 24×7

AME guards your WLAN network while you sleep, 24×7!  We are the AME experts to help you navigate the complexities of the industry’s trusted 24×7 wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS)/wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS).

Total Visibility + Industry Standard Threat Detection = Protective Shield for your network

This means that AME scans all possible 802.11 wireless network channels to look for blind spots where dangerous rogue devices are known to hide.  The visibility that AME provides can also alert you when there is a disconnect and things aren’t working properly, proving to be a useful troubleshooting tool as well.  Notice that we used the word, alert.  That’s because AME has alarms, that when properly tuned, will go off and alert you of a threat or problem.

We developed the AM-212 AME course ware for Netscout and we ’ve managed many AME installations for major companies.  This gives our SME’s a competitive edge- we have the knowledge to instruct on AME and we have valuable hands-on experience with AME in the field.

We offer 2 AME professional services.  In order to choose the best fit for your needs, you will need to answer one question.  Are your AME needs specific to WiFi Network Security or Performance monitoring?

AME On-the-Job Training (OJT) – 
Designed for customers who have purchased AME & intend on installing it themselves


We install the server, configure it, work with you on your specific needs of the server and set up alarms based on best practices.  We ask that someone from your team shadow our SME so there is a valuable transfer of knowledge during the engagement.

  • You can expect delivery of the following
  • Server Set Up
  • Sensor Configuration
  • Sensor Layout design (Up to 10 sensors)
  • Installation of Database application
  • Installation of Primary & Failover Servers
  • Alarm configuration/optimization
  • Installation of optional licenses

AME Health Check –


Designed for:

Customers who currently have an existing AME installation & would like to to ensure it is operating optimally

Customers who are upgrading their AME installation.  This serves as a great refresher to ensure that you aren’t troubled with configuration conflicts, as well as assist you with the configuration of the new features of the upgrade


The AME check-up is a great way to determine if you’re “getting the most bang for your buck” from your AME server.  Our SME will diagnose if your AME server is working properly.  It’s also beneficial when job roles and responsibilities evolve with new personnel that inherit management of the AME server.  Check-ups are also beneficial during upgrades to assist w/ configuration conflicts and/or configuration features.

Our experts are some of the few in the industry that are able to provide the following-

  • Verify Installation
  • Assist with Proper Configuration
  • Define Optimization based on your needs
  • Manage Alarms & Alerts
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery