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The Story Behind WiTS

Scott met Rick back in the early days of CWNP.  Scott ran CWNP’s Learning Partner Channel & Rick was his #1 trainer & content developer.  Rick authored several of the original versions of the CWNP course ware.  Scott was a co-founder of Peachtree Wireless Solutions, which was one of the original WLAN service providers out there in the early to mid-2K era.  These visionaries saw a growing (still growing) demand to deliver WiFi Training AND Services.  Their purpose & passion was to actually get their engineers out in the field & help mediate their customer’s WiFi problems, beginning with proper design & implementation.  This all begins with training.

Rick & Scott began working with Ekahau & helped them perform hundreds of site surveys for their top customers for RTLS deployments.  Around this time, they were approached by AirMagnet as they were seeking a new training provider.  They helped enhance the AirMagnet Academy Training Program & implemented the AirMagnet Academy Certification program, along with the On-the-Job Training program.

Over the next few years, they worked together with AirMagnet/Fluke Networks to build their WLAN Professional Services division & that’s the story of WiTS!

WiTS Team Leaders

Rick Murphy

Author, CTO, CWNE #10, WLAN Engineer


Scott Williams

Managing Partner


WiTS Engineering Team

Ron Francies

Director Field Services

Jerrett Fancher is a WiTS original!  Jerrett is a stand out Senior WLAN Engineer and Instructor, WiFi SME, and world expert in AirMagnet.  He has trained more students on AirMagnet in the past seven years than anyone else. Jerrett’s fifteen years of real world experience in the wireless medical device industry make him a master […]

Dave Cardona is one of WiTS’ top experts in the field of WiFi. Dave leads the pack as a Senior WLAN Engineer and Instructor, WiFi SME, and world expert in AME. Dave is a troubleshooting powerhouse with twenty years of hands-on experience using the top WLAN tools to survey, train, design, and install WiFi networks […]

Mark Murphy is a solid gold member of the WiTS team. Mark is a best in class WLAN Field Engineer and Instructor, whose engineering style is very thorough with broad hands-on experience using the top of the line WLAN tools to survey, train, design, and install WiFi networks. Mark is a force out in the […]

Trung Do is WiTS’ shining star. Trung is at the top of his class in WLAN field engineering.  He has a very strong background in IT and deep roots within the Hertz Corporation. Trung has fourteen years in the development and execution of customized network and data related solutions for Oklahoma, as well as remote support […]

Lisa Rosenthal is a WLAN Project Manager and the Graphics Design Coordinator for WiTS.  Lisa’s roots lay in the retail industry where she was a Graphics Project Coordinator for fourteen years. Now, Lisa supports the WiTS engineering team with their WiFi projects from beginning to end.  Lisa also supports the curriculum development team and is […]

Sandy Murphy is the Senior Business Manger for WiTS. Sandy’s roots stem from the accounting world.  She brings fifteen years of robust experience in accounting, specializing in taxation, as well as administrative policies and procedures.  Her expertise is complimented by her strong customer service skills and impeccable work ethic. Sandy is a valued business partner […]

Stephanie Williams is one of the owners of WiTS and she runs its Training Program.  Stephanie’s passion for people and her attention to detail stem from her retail background, and they serve WiTS strongly in the WiFi training department.  She believes that training should be a total experience and therefore provides WiTS’ students with the […]

Dana Murphy is the Learning Management Systems Administrator and Content Repository Manager for WiTS. With many years pursuing her studies in science before settling on her passion: English, Dana has a deep love of language and all its aspects.  She brings many years of experience in office administration and assistance, as well as writing and […]

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