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WiFi Remediation-Repairs

Are you satisfied with your wireless connectivity?

Is coverage & capacity affecting the productivity of your organization?

We can help to diagnose the root cause of your WiFi issue & resolve it!

WiFi Remediation

If you’re fielding endless complaints about your WLAN’s performance, if you’re having problems with your WiFi connectivity, or lack there of, or if you aren’t really sure what is going on within your WiFi network, but know that something is going on, we can help!

The first step on the journey to remediation, is to perform a WiFi Site Survey Assessment.  Our WLAN engineer will visit your site to collect data on the facility, including building layout and construction materials, and gather WiFi network requirements for coverage, capacity, and mobility.  Our engineer will perform a radio (RF) site survey of the existing wireless local area network (WLAN) and analyze the findings to provide a list of high-level recommendations.

The next step is to provide you with recommended changes based on the survey report, our WiFi Best Practices, and decades of experience.  During a collaborative session with your key stakeholders, our WLAN engineer will detail the survey findings, discuss industry best-practices, and offer a plan for corrective action.

WiFi Repairs

We understand that there are many variables that may need to be considered in order to implement the recommended changes prior to corrective action.  Time, funding, professional expertise, etc. may effect the timeline of remediation.  The repair process may seem daunting if you don’t have the confidence or time to implement the changes.  If that’s the case, we can help!  We are happy to help you make the suggested changes to remediate your WLAN.

Our most popular requested remediation services are:
  • Installation of AP cable runs/drops for new AP placement
  • Mounting/installation of AP’s (based on results from survey)
  • Recommend changes inside the Controller- We make the changes & document changes (very important step)
  • Re-survey- You can make changes, but you must validate the changes!