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WiFi Installations

Are you looking to upgrade or in need of a new WiFi design?

Less companies involved = Less communication problems
What does this mean?
  • Single point of accountability
  • Single point of command & control
  • Cost savings due to reduction of vendors
  • Streamlined business process
  • Reductions in travel, equipment rental, single PO, single invoice
  • Ginormous amount of WiFi deployment experience on our team
  • Significant close knit interaction between the designer & deployer, all being under one roof
  • Deployments happen faster because it is under the direction one company

WiFi Design- not a one size fits all solution.

  • Hardware Vendors recommend their auto radio management features.  We see time & time again where the controllers aren’t doing their jobs.
  • This goes back to a proper WiFi design because we strongly recommend the use of static channels & a min. & max. for AP power.
  • We’ve seen tremendous success with moving away from 2.4 GHz. We’re recommending moving to 5GHz due to the complete overcrowding of the 2.4 GHz spectrum-